TigerDry hours of Operation are from

Monday thru Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday 9 to 3pm

The Tiger Understands that there may be days that you cannot make it therefore require a 24hr notice of cancellation or you will be charged a cancellation Fee of $30 since we have already scheduled you and saved a timeframe to serve you of which we cannot service other customers within this time frame.

We do not nickel and dime you therefore TigerDry Slashes this Fee.

We train all our technicians and do ongoing training to keep up to date with the current cleaning techniques, equipment & chemicals in order to better serve all our customers. We take care of your household and if we see anything of concern we address it right away.


Normal scheduling on floor care maintenance is from 5-7 business days and we will let you know if we cannot accommodate you on a particular schedule of preference or if you want to reschedule please let us know within 3 days of schedule so that we can accommodate everyone.

This service is time consuming therefore we require that customers do not walk on the floors that have this type of service for a period of 12hrs or more and do not mop these floors within 48 hrs and if you have to then do it with a damp mop with water only.

Depending on the service you have received the carpets may be moist but the norm on our work is between 2-4 hrs unless your technician has specified otherwise

We HIGHLY recommend this treatment since it prevents you from seeing the Tiger often and your service last longer usually about 3-5 months more than the normal carpet cleaning.

TigerDry offers this phenomenal service that nobody in the industry is doing we will service your home depending on the service we have provided and do Interim cleanings quarterly of which we set you up on a schedule for ONLY $40 per occurrence that way you will be covered year round. We VERY HIGHLY recommend this service please ask for this service.

You do not have to tip our technicians since we compensate all our technicians a higher than normal pay of what the standard industry pays but, if you have received exceptional service then it is much appreciated.

TigerDry utilizes Green Seal Certified solutions when servicing your home they are non toxic, Hypoallergenic, Kid Safe, Pet Friendly, no enzymes, no VOC’s, no residue.

Yes, we recommend that while you have the technician in your home that if you need to add a service please either let him know or call our office to add the service.

TigerDry utilizes the BEST current equipment available and we update our techniques and utilize what works. A spot is something that can be fixed while a Stain pretty much of the time we can make it look at least 80% better but there are other methods that we use in order to combat this matter.

You just had your carpets cleaned by one of our technicians and within the next day or the following you see spots appear what do I do? Do not panic call The Tiger within 72 hrs and we will handle this  at no cost to you This is called wicking. During a thorough carpet cleaning, the hidden spot normally becomes moisten or wet and once wet, the stain becomes mobile and wicks up to the top surface of the carpet once it dries.  This has several reasons why it happens most of the time has to do with the carpets not dried enough because sometimes certain homes are more humid than others and it takes longer to dry. Please follow our After Care instructions.

  • Free up a close driveway spot for our cleaning truck
  • Vacuum the day before
  • Remove fragile items & small furniture like lamps, dining room chairs and plants for example
  • Move furniture if you need us to clean underneath it
  • Secure or put away pets
  • Remove area rugs if desired to be cleaned under
  • Rain & snow have no effect on our cleaning
  • Remove small items such as toys, clothing & drapes from floor
  • Set thermostat to 72º & only open windows on sunshine low humidity days
  • Please remember floors can be slippery
  • If you chose tile & grout cleaning/ sealing point out loose or missing grout

Vacuum furniture that you want cleaned

  • Please remember floors can be slippery until dry unless dry cleaning is chosen.
  • Leave tabs and coasters under furniture legs for 24 hours
  • Leave AC/Heat system & ceiling fans running till dry
  • Pet odors, depending on treatment stage may take time to dissipate & may need a higher stage to solve
  • Cleaning carpets, furniture and tile once a year is ideal
  • Don’t forget we do water damage & Windows too.

Lastly please try our Residential & Commercial Janitorial Cleaning services as well!

We’re on call 24/7


Operating Hours

Mon-Sat 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Sunday: OFF

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