TigerDry started in our Parent company of Saniall LLC where we would get an overwhelming amount of customers for Floor Care Services such as Carpet Cleaning, Ceramic Tile & Grout, Harwood Floor Cleaning, Strip & Wax. One time a Customer told us, “she had several carpet cleaners cleaned her house in the past but, and told us we were the ONLY carpet cleaning company to leave her carpets dry, cleaned & with no residue. A month later we received a stuffed Tiger with a Thank You note saying this: “Dear Saniall, I am in such debt to you guys since now i can actually sleep at night effortlessly since my carpet were cleaned i now found out that the previous residents had a Cat and i did not know i was allergic to them therefore now that my Carpets where cleaned by the best carpet cleaners, i give you a little gift as a token of appreciation. Thank You, Guys Rock  Maribel Jerez, this is when TigerDry was born. We wanted to take the TigerDry concept to a growing city of Raleigh, NC and the rest is history

Why we're different from other hot water extraction or steam cleaning companies?

We’re Not your Ordinary Carpet Cleaner. Many cleaning companies say they are “professional cleaners”. Many use words or phrases to convince you they are reputable. We will give you information you need to know to better understand the differences in cleaning companies. We believe that there are 5 areas that must be met for a successful professional cleaning outcome. Remove any one of the five and quality suffers.

1. The Right Equipment.

TigerDry® invested in the very best state of the art van powered truck mounts. That’s right, our vans carry large truck mounted powered machines. There are different grades of Equipment with different results. Our high temperature cleaning solutions clean & rinse better. We filter our water by having proper filtration units and change the PH levels so that we can utilize less cleaning solutions for an optimum 100% green clean. Different size vacuum pumps are capable of faster drying. We ordered the oversized vacuum pump for our equipment since we also service water damaged carpets which require higher air flow capacity. Even the right equipment that is not regularly or properly maintained will cause problems. Poor maintenance or poor cleaning of the vacuums in-line filter system will leave carpets too wet. We have two in-line filter systems for our vacuum pump. Dust, carpet fibers, pet hair will fill these in-line vacuum filters, sometimes quickly. We can easily replace our filter quickly to provide maximum air flow for every job. We have high standards of maintenance for our equipment to give you the best results.

2. Cleaning Agents.

There is a wide variety of inferior cleaning agents available. We can outperform many cleaning companies because our cleaning product cleans superiorly compared to what they are using. Our cleaning solutions are safe for children, pets, and even for allergy sensitive clients.

3. Technique

Improper cleaning techniques and poor training make the difference in the final outcome of the cleaning job. New clients state that over wetting was a common problem with previous cleaners. This is a result of bad cleaning technique and also the cleaning pressure is set to high. Most companies do not take the extra effort to take additional ‘dry vacuum strokes’ to ensure fast drying and to prevent over wetting. TigerDry® always take extra vacuum strokes and follow our highest standards of cleaning technique for optimum results. Improper cleaning technique will absolutely result in poor results. Even if someone has good equipment, good cleaning agents and a good attitude about their work, does not mean the technician knows how to clean right.

4. The Technician

Even a technician with good equipment, cleaning agents & training techniques will do a poor job if he/she has a bad attitude about their work. TigerDry® take pride in our reputation of consistent, year after year, high quality workmanship. Also, what about the technician? Can you trust this person in the privacy of your home? We have a reputation of being trustworthy, dependable & honest.

5. Company Philosophy

Many cleaning companies are profit driven only. Many companies have a lot of employee turnover. Many technicians are not experienced or qualified and are put in charge of their own truck prematurely. They pay their techs commissions to up sell deodorizers, carpet protectors, spotters and other items you might not even need. There is nothing wrong with these items if the items are really needed or even necessary. Unfortunately, if the customer declines, the tech does not make any money and will give a quick cleaning job. Many lower priced oriented companies overload their technicians with to many jobs to be done in one day, leaving the technicians with no other choice but to go quickly. Our philosophy is “TIGERDRY CARES LIKE NOBODY ELSE“. We recognize that there is a need for our quality service by particular homeowners or Businesses. We have offered our personalized cleaning services for years. Some people have never heard of TigerDry® but, you will experience the Quality difference like never before the minute we walk into your door. We do minimal advertising since we stay busy with our repeat clients and their referrals. This is very important to our type of clientele. TigerDry® particular and spend more time to truly thoroughly clean better. Many cleaners go for speed and only give you one or two cleaning passes, which just isn’t enough. Main traffic areas need several slower cleaning passes. TigerDry® gives extra attention to edge work unlike others. TigerDry® has 3 different types of Cleaning methods we use which are Dry Carpet Cleaning, Low Moisture Encapsulation & Steam Cleaning. We use our smaller hand tool to be more detailed in small tight areas. We are careful along the baseboards and furniture that is being cleaned around such as a china cabinet or entertainment center. We provide fast drying times that is the reason for our name TigerDry®. By taking more effort with extra vacuum strokes and using fans, we have dried areas before we leave. Our clients love us for providing quickly dried carpets. Your carpet and upholstery is safe with us from over wetting. We carry our own pre-softened water. It is not recycled. Soft water cleans better. Being owner/operators, we have a vested interest in providing excellent results. This is not a part time or job between jobs for us. Being knowledgeable, thorough, friendly and trustworthy are our primary reasons for being successful. Over a dozen carpet retailers and decorators also recommend our company because they know they can count on us.

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