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TigerDry Top notch Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Refinish in Raleigh, NC.

Hiring the Right Company to Clean your Expensive Hardwood Floors is a task in itself but, look no further we have been doing this service for years. Do not Fear of the Tiger Hire Them. We are confident enough to say that we are the best in hardwood cleaning in Raleigh, NC. because our clients praise our top  5 stripe service and they tell us the difference between us and the previous hardwood cleaning companies they hire is far superior.


Hardwood Cleaning & Refinishing

TigerDry Offers the Best Strip & Wax service in Raleigh, NC:


We are Highly recommended by our past clients because we do all the necessary steps to all our procedures. When it comes to Strip & Refinishing (wax) we do the following floors: Laminate, VCT Tile & Linoleum floors. Below you will find our lengthy steps to a proper Strip & Wax service by a company that has been doing this for the past 18 years.

We service:

Homes-Retail Stores-Hospitals-Offices-Industrial & Commercial Facilities

No Job is Too Big or Too Small for us we give ALL OUR CLIENTS the TigerDry 5 Stripes Service

TigerDry 15 Steps To our Strip & Wax Service:


  • Inspect floor areas of service etc.
  • Soil removal by vacuuming
  • prep corners, baseboards & moldings,
  • Apply Stripper (let it dwell depending on Manufacturer recommendations)
  • Manual strip corners & perimeter with Doodle bug pad
  • Low speed machine 175 RPM Strip Floor
  • Vacuum removal process of Stripper & residual
  • Neutralize surface by mopping with neutral floor cleaner
  • 2 times additional mopping (total of 3 in all areas)
  • Fan placement to  dry speed process.
  • Seal floors (Wait 45-60 minutes)
  • Apply 1st Coat of wax (Wait 45-60 minutes)
  • Apply 2nd Coat of wax (Wait 45 min)
  • Apply 3rd Coat of wax (Wait 30 min)
  • Apply 4th Coat of wax Done
  • Burnish floors (optional best to do this process next day) *Highly Recommended*
  • Apply 5th coat of Wax optional on 2nd day. *Highly Recommended*


Tiger's Strip & Wax Gym Floors