How to clean your Microfibers the right way.

This is the method to clean Any microfiber cloth:

  1. If is heavily soiled pre-soak it with regular detergent for at least 2 hrs before washing it.
  2. Put it in the washer with regular detergent use with no softener & no scent.
  3. Make sure is cold water do not use hot water.
  4. If you need to put it in a dryer ONLY use the delicate mode or any mode that’s for silk.

Under no circumstances utilize hot water, medium dry, high dry etc. Microfiber is a synthetic fiber therefore it will shrink and the fibers will lose its cleaning potential. If cleaned properly a microfiber can last from 300-500 washes if cleaned properly. This is an excellent invention in the cleaning industry. Because it is about more absorbent than any fiber, non abrasive and it last longer when cleaned properly.